An Ad Hoc Ecosystem

by Mons La Hire

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Download includes original collage art for the front and back cover as well as two companion images.

Written and recorded during the month of February as part of the RPM Challenge. All the lyrics were created by collage. A (hopefully) complete list of sources:

Moveable feast - Hemingway
The House at Pooh Corner - Milne
Holes - Sachar
The Giver - Lowry
Death Comes for the Archbishop - Cather
The Drunkards Walk - Mlodniow
Being good - Yui
The Rubu’iyat of Omar Khayyam
Confessions of St. Augustine
Fahrenheit 451 - Bradbury
October Country - Bradbury
Life of Pi - Martel
New York Times, 2/2/12
The Bridge of San Luis Rey - Wilder
Horoscopes for the Dead - Collins
Good poems for Hard Times - ed. Keillor
Alan Mendelssohn the Boy from Mars - Pinkwater
Selected poems by Wallace Stevens
Ballistics - Collins
The Hungry Ear - Poems About Food (compilation)
Brave New World - Huxley
Beginners - Carver
Candide - Voltaire
Conversations - Aira
West with the Night - Markham


released March 1, 2016

Mons La Hire is Daniel Watkins, Suzanne Watkins, Charlie Carr, Patrick Beesley, and Matt Cornelius

Daniel Watkins: Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming

Suzanne Watkins: Bass, Vocals

Charlie Carr: Guitar

Matt Cornelius: Keyboards, Mixing, Mastering, Vocals

Patrick Beesley: Drums


all rights reserved



Mons La Hire Corvallis, Oregon

mons is ida / julia / daniel / suzanne / greg. we play indie rock music at a variety of volumes.

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Track Name: Alphabet in Gold
the streets faded away
no one paid any attention
a pearl in the sky
that crack across the ceiling
some other kind of madness
the right kind of ignorance
alphabet in gold

hug me till you drug me, honey
bring on your clubs and parties
the history of the world is hearsay
alphabet in gold
last minute changes of plan
you relinquish control
Our shadows tremble on the walls
of the alphabet in gold

the tree of life
has been shaken
the static in our
the single most important thing
but what does that matter
if we get too close
alphabet in gold
Track Name: Lions in England
This car is going to move me
Like a sleeper twisting in and out
Yes is a pleasant country
A place I-I-I-I could not pronounce

the next step forward in evolution
As flawless as the placebo effect
That green sugar pill decisions
The clock looked ready, ready to melt

If everything you say is true
I’m the queen bee, safe in the hive
A button on the dashboard in the sky
Keeping his pallid flame alive

The whole place smelled like paint
Carrot red hair and a lot of lipstick
A band of sweat around his wrists
the view of emptiness

Another little spasm of the second hand
It was right there in black and white
Never saw the lions in england
Nothing to arrest the eye
Track Name: The Stranger
I could not find a silence
the troubled church of his mind
a roaring in his ears
as the angel lead the ass
into the heart of darkness and back again

you are the stranger
walking by your side at night
an unlit window burnt by the fireflies
sometimes he became so angry
that his voice broke
he was always doing things for people
the girls in the long fur coats

the wooden figures of the saints
where’s home? it sounds like a charming place
every last grain of dark
invade the stronghold of the stars

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Stars
The germ of sorrow yet to come
Like the first flakes of snow in the long winter
Just a suspicion of
Someone who lay beside you in the moonlight

What do you think about the stars?
The little fish climb through
The mind of the sea
While the whole moves
And every part stands still
What do you think about the stars?

I lost the empty feeling
The motion of her hands as she walked
The trees were sculpture without their leaves
In that singular light


The germ of sorrow yet to come
Like the first flakes of snow in the long winter
Just a suspicion of
Someone who lay beside you in the moonlight

Track Name: Good Advice
Took it slow driving down town
The digressions we allow
Where you’re going is exactly where you are
The sun was still good for an hour
How to tell the wholeness of our
Original bloom? Wrinkle up like a house of cards

Drawing you from memory
We meant in time to measure up
Your friends in the city
Sir Isaac Newton sitting on a bed
i asked how can you ever be sure
I must have been the same to her
There’ll be no fading for you or for me.
We’ll be the first!

Whatever it was they had to say
A green thought in a green shade
Eve’s knees ground in the dirt of paradise
He cleaned out the closets
Like bees they packed boxes
We had very good advice
Thanks for the ride


Your hands hovering like
Two shy birds about her face
Leave the question unanswered
What you can do yesterday

Track Name: Too Late
when we’re watching the film
I suppose we’ll just have to live with it
Lost within a speechless sea
I got a sort of second wind

I wasn’t all that surprised
you can’t build anything big enough
but what if it wasn’t too late?
love’s a universe beyond

how the morning heavy soak
The freedom of falling weather
My soul is like a house
The long corridors of each other
Track Name: The Last of the Dandelions
stripped in the darkness to the skin
he had left the great seance
that ghost of passion
the last of the dandelions
in your paradise
In circles and jagged lines
in this huge night

hide in the shadow of terror
you have fled through a crease in the air
a violent wonder
the shore between
the sea of her
black honey of summer
of this white room
Track Name: The Garden
I kept my light on late into the night
I am beginning a new life of discipline
Something more definite
You’ll be in the index
When a housefly flaps his wings
This way to infinity

I kept staring out the window for a clue
the low, blue hills of the future
Perfectly a strangeness of sunlight
How the morning shone
A strange migration
If this is the best, what are the others like?
What are the others like?

Come along with me
I was mistaken
Come along with me
We must cultivate our garden
Track Name: Release
make room
for the next
there’s a hundred
million others

a glimmer
doesn’t last
the ten directions
are a single open eye

cut the sky into two black pieces
nothing but the truth is a lie

when all
is said and done
we came like water
and we went like wind

the reason
they undream the dream

cut the sky into two black pieces
nothing but the truth is a lie

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